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We work with first time home buyers, local buyers and sellers, relocation clients who are unfamiliar with the area We have an inventory of new homes available, many with zero down loans.  We also have an inventory of re-sale homes available.  Sometimes, we have foreclosed homes available. We have lived and worked in Nashville and Brentwood TN and the surrounding counties, including Rutherford, Williamson, Wilson, Sumner and Cheatham Counties since the early 1970’s.

Welcome to South Nashville!Remax Nashville

Our specialty is helping folks relocate to and from the South Nashville area. While we can assist any buyer or seller, our niche is truly the seller. We help seniors looking to relocate and help them set up, stage, price, and sell their homes for top dollar. We know the market and can help you price your home correctly from the beginning. We work in the South Nashville communities of Woodbine, Antioch, Priest Lake, La Vergne, and Smyrna and would love to assist YOU with your real estate needs today. We have decades of experience under our belt, which is the real tell-tale sign of a great agent. Let our Relocate team help you RELOCATE  Today!

Recent Articles

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Appraisals

We already know that this coronavirus is changing the face of real estate and the longer we are in lockdown, the more dramatic the change could be but it's also affecting home appraisals. The appraisal is an important process in the mortgage application and its...

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What Matters Most in Your Credit Report?

If you're planning on refinancing your home or looking at a new home loan, pulling up a copy of your credit history should be the first step. You need to know what creditors see when looking at your history and your credit score. The last thing you want is to be...

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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Realtor®

Having your own representation when you're buying or selling property is essential because not only can they help navigate the sometimes confusing legal jargon of a real estate transaction, but a licensed and qualified agent can offer tips, advice, suggestions, and...

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How to Keep Safe When Buying a Home if You’re Over 55

Buying a Home if You're Over 55 - Our specialty is helping folks in their retirement age or those 55 and older buy or sell houses throughout South Nashville. That's what we do. So in these uncertain times, if you are within that age range, it can be a little...

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Cambridge Forest Homes for Sale

Cambridge Forest is one of Antioch Tennessee's newest home communities located off of Rural Hill Road and about 10 minutes to Interstate 24 and Highway 41. It sits about halfway between these two major roads that run north and south into downtown Nashville, making it...

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Can I Sell My House While Owning Chickens?

A recent question was brought up in our office that we don't get that often but it is a legitimate question so we wanted to answer it in a blog post. "Do I have to get rid of my chickens if I'm going to sell my house?" In today's day and age, backyard chickens are...

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10 Tips for Relocating on the Cheap

  Moving can be expensive. If you have to sell a house, buy a house, move across the state or even across the country, those relocation costs can add up quickly. But, there are some tips, hacks, and shortcuts you can take to make your relocation a little easier...

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What to Know About Tornadoes When Relocating to Nashville

It's been a wild and crazy week around here and we are deeply saddened by the deaths and devastation that the tornadoes this week have caused. While we are in the Midwest and tornadoes can be a part of our weather, it's pretty rare for them to go directly through a...

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire?

Our specialty is helping those over 50 years old, retirees, or those looking for an active adult community find a home they need, help with refinancing, and help set a mortgage that works with their lifestyle and their current budget. With that in mind, Should You Pay...

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Apache Hills Homes for Sale

Apache Hills is located in the Antioch community of South Nashville. It borders neighborhoods such as Antioch Park, Anton Pl., Blanchard Heights, Cathey Heights, and Mary Anton 12. You can access Apache Trail along Apache Trail Drive, which borders Interstate 24 just...

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