The team with Nell and Barry are amazing! We literally knew nothing about real estate and it seems kind of scary and intimidating but Barry made it super easy. Everything was explained and we were given the advantage and leverage we needed to buy the right home at a great price. I tell you, experience is worth its weight in gold and this teams has it. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If we ever sell this amazing home you helped us find, I won’t hestitate to contact you again. THANKS!! – Carol T.


Thank you, Carol! So happy we found your first home for you!!

There is nothing like helping people into their very first home. I have helped to buy and sell hundreds of properties over the years and whether it’s your first home or your 10th home, finding the right property for you and handing over those keys is a feeling unlike anything in this world. Not just for me, but for my buyers as well. And even though I specialize in both selling property and helping folks buy property, the excitement first-time homebuyers get when I hand them their keys to their very own property is unmatched.

As a real estate professional, I want to make sure all of my clients understand the home buying process and are comfortable every step of the way. Here are some common things I tell first-time homebuyers.

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Understand how much you can afford.

This is more than just taking a quick quiz on an online qualification website. This is sitting down with a lender, running over your application, and really understanding how much mortgage payment your income can support each month. Once we have this information we can start searching for homes in that price range. If you have no idea how much home you can afford, it really sets you up for frustration and disappointment.

Understand that your first home doesn’t necessarily have to be your dream home.

I have helped dozens of people scrape together and purchase their very first home only to sell it less than five years later with enough equity to put down on a larger home. This is a great way to build yourself up to your “dream home”. Because our economy is increasing and home appreciation is growing, you’re likely to obtain equity for a healthy down payment on your next home within five years. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t find the perfect home right off the bat. Sometimes building a little equity and your credit over the next couple of years is exactly what you need to find the perfect “dream home” later on.

Ask Me a Question

Ask questions.

Buying and selling real estate is not your full-time profession so it’s okay not to know every single detail of the process and transaction. That’s my job and it’s also my job to answer any questions you might have, clarify issues and problems as they arise, and help negotiate on your behalf. Remember, I’m working for you, not any one particular homeowner. My goal is to help you find the right home, not to sell a particular property that I’m not listing.

How long will it take?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get for first-time homebuyers. Statistically, homebuyers can start searching online for properties 12 to 18 months in advance before ever making the move to apply for a home loan or really seeing homes in person. Once you’ve made the decision to look for homes and you’ve been preapproved for a home loan, it typically takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months to find the right property. I work closely with your lender and all parties involved to make sure you get the best rates and the best terms for your loan regardless of when we happen to find the right property.

I’d love to help you into your first home. There are amazing starter homes throughout south Nashville and surrounding cities. Give me a call today 615-310-2496 and let’s get started finding you the perfect home to get started in.

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