Buyers Agent in Smyrna Tennessee

If you’re looking for a buyers agent for real estate in Smyrna Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. Our agency not only helps sellers but buyers as well and we work solely with the buyer side of a real estate transaction to help facilitate the deal, work for your terms and your price, and get you the house of your dreams.

Smyrna, or ZIP Code 37167, is located 23 miles from downtown Nashville and offers a small town feel perfect for those looking to live in the Nashville area but not wanting to live in downtown. We have a lot of history and a bright future and the median home value in Smyrna is just $230,000.

This means there’s a lot of hope for many people looking to buy outside of Nashville and yet still find the small town feel with affordable homes. Did you know the nearly 70% of residents own their own homes? Our growing population is creating a lot of new businesses as well. This means that residents don’t have to travel to Nashville or Murfreesboro for groceries, necessities, clothes, restaurants, and more.

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So what is a buyers agent? ?️

In every transaction, there’s typically a listing agent and a buyers agent or selling agent. The listing agent obviously lists the property for the homeowner. They write up the contract, handle marketing, take pictures and help the homeowner come up with a good asking price. After marketing, a buyers agent will typically find the property for a buyer and facilitate the deal on that end. The buyer’s agent and the listing agent work together to close the deal on time.

Here’s the kicker; a buyers agent works solely for the buyer, not any one particular home or homeowner. This means that the buyer’s needs, price, and terms are the top priority. The listing agents top priority is to get the home sold for as high a price as possible. Obviously, the buyer’s agents top priority is to get the lowest price for the best terms for their buyer. You can see how one agent works for one side of the transaction or the other.

So who pays the buyers agent? ?

When a listing agent sets up a contract to list and sell a property, the homeowner an agent negotiate on a commission. That commission for selling the property is typically split in half between the buyer’s agent and the listing agent. So, this literally means that the buyer does not have to pay out-of-pocket for the use of their own representation. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you use your own buyer’s agent?

Can the same agent handle both sides of the transaction?  ?

Yes, and this is called a dual agency, but as we’ve already talked about, you can see the conflict of interest this would present. An agent cannot be devoted, loyal, and perform the fiduciary duty to one party and not the other.

Think of it this way. If the listing agent also finds the buyer, the listing agent knows exactly how much the seller needs to close. They’re working for the seller first, not for the benefit of the buyer. If they try to negotiate for a lower amount, the seller will feel betrayed. After all, the listing agent’s primary duty is to get the highest price for the home. This can pose a lot of problems and that’s why it’s best to have your own agent for each side. There may be confidential financial information that the seller or the buyer doesn’t want the other party to know about. Negotiating leverage might be compromised because one agent knows both sides of the situation.

Now, you can have two agents in the same brokerage. Regardless of what brokerage, each party still has their own representation fighting for the terms for each.

When you’re ready, give us a call. We work with both buyers and sellers but typically separately.

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