If you’re considering a move to the South Nashville area, or perhaps you live here and you’re looking for that perfect home, here is a great checklist to work through and make notes about for finding your dream home.

Checklist for Buyers on Finding the Perfect Home

The basics:Checklist for Buyers on Finding the Perfect Home

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are you looking for?

Fenced or private yard?

Single-story or two stories or more?

Garage or carport?

View or waterfront home?

Size or square footage?

The details:

The style of the home: condominium, single-family home, contemporary, needs a little TLC?

The location: next to a road, beachfront, quiet cul-de-sac?

Additions: are you looking for something you can add on to for a complete home ready to go?

Yard size: are you looking for fruit trees, gardens and lush landscaping or very minimalistic approach?

Kitchens: do you prefer a simple kitchen or a chef’s dream? Consider counter space, cabinets and drawers, gas and electricity.

Conveniences: This could include a basement, attic, additional closets or storage space, laundry room, outside conveniences such as a swimming pool or hot tub?

Close proximity to schools, shopping, commuting to work?


These are the things that can be flexible when it comes to a buyer.

Storage space

Appliances in the home

Things that a seller might leave behind

Lighting fixtures that you might want to change out

Close neighbors or private property?

When looking for the right home it’s best to be as detailed as possible including the neighborhood you’d like to live in, certain qualities that are needed versus wanted and flexible options that you might be willing to bend on. By filling all of these questions out and really making notes to each one, you can find that perfect home in South Nashville.

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