Whether this is your first time hosting Christmas or any other holiday event or your 10th time, there’s always some great tips and suggestions to keep in mind or to learn from and implement. There’s no greater time this year to learn some new tips and tricks for hosting holiday events at your house.

Hosting Christmas for the First Time? Here are some Great Tips!

Make a plan.

It’s important to make a plan first. If you try to do too many things at once, nothing will get done correctly and you’ll feel scattered and disorganized. Make a list of how many people you assume will be there and add a couple more on just in case any last-minute family members or friends decide to drop in. Make sure you have enough food, drinks, silverware, plates, desserts, and anything else you might need. Make a list of everything you’re going to make yourself and then delegate out other options when necessary.

Don’t try to do everything yourself.

Just like I mentioned before, if you can delegate out certain tasks or dishes, it will make things much easier on you. The key to success is knowing when to say when and accepting help when it’s offered. By having everyone bring something, it can really take the stress off of your plate. People can even bring decorations, appetizers, snacks, or desserts to take one big chunk of planning off of your plate.

Do as much as you can ahead of time.

Take a look at everything you’re going to do or make and see what can be done ahead of time. Some recipes can be made 2 to 3 days in advance and simply held in the refrigerator or frozen and baked the day of. Look at all of the dishes you will be presenting and see if there are any discrepancies on oven times, oven space, and if dishes will need to be prepared separately. This can cause stress the day of hosting, so if you plan out how long everything takes to cook or bake and at what temperature, you can plan accordingly.

Don’t be overly ambitious.

Just because Aunt Betty judges every tiny little thing you do doesn’t mean that you have failed as a host. Take everyone’s criticisms with a grain of salt and realize that you are not Martha Stewart. It’s okay if you have forgotten the napkins or have mismatched plates. Pretend like you did it on purpose and laugh at any little judgment or criticism as a comes along. Remember, they’re not the ones hosting.

Don’t forget the small items.

Make sure you have enough toilet paper, paper towels, chairs, cups, silverware, bottled water, drinks, napkins, and anything else that you might need the day of. But, even if you do forget them, don’t sweat them. It’s okay of crackers fall on the floor or you spill something. Remember, the point is to enjoy each other and celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season, not to have every napkin folded into a perfect star of David.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember, for all of your South Nashville real estate needs, contact us at any time.