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We have sold hundreds of homes in the Nashville area.  When it comes time to sell your home, you don’t want an amateur, inexperienced agent listing your property. You need someone that knows the business as well as the neighborhoods. You need someone that knows how you price your home right from the beginning and knows how to market it to the RIGHT BUYER.

Not only do we sell but we help connect buyers to the right home in Nashville. This means we may ALREADY HAVE A BUYER FOR YOUR HOME.

So why spend weeks on the market with an unprepared, overpriced home? Get it sold now and get it sold for the right price.  Find out what your home is currently worth and how fast it could sell.

Steps to Selling a Home


✔️ Meet with an Agent to Discuss Your Goals

✔️ Discuss Changes or Any Updates Needed

✔️ Plan When to List

✔️ Price Home

✔️ Create Dynamic Marketing Plan

✔️ List on the MLS, National Sites, and Social Media

✔️ Conduct Showings and Open Houses

✔️ Review Offers

✔️ Accept an Offer

✔️ Plan for Moving and Final Signing


                                      …DONE! You’re On Your Way!

Barry Vincent

Barry Vincent

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Nell Jones

Nashville Realtor®

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The #1 Thing You Can Do To Help Sell Your Home


Listen to your agent. I know that sounds a little forward, but this is what we do day in and day out. We know what buyers are looking for, we know what sells, and we know how to market. We have done this for decades and although the methods may change, the message never does. Buyers want a clean, well-staged home, priced fairly.

Regardless of what type of home you have, they all can be priced and marketed appropriately. So, if you think that busy street will slow down your showings, or that not fixing up the backyard will detract buyers, we have the methods and proven skills to sell ANY type of home!

Need to Sell a Home in Nashville?

Maybe it’s time to relocate to an easier way of life? Maybe it’s time to sell mom and dad’s home? Perhaps it’s time to downsize and find a space that fits your lifestyle better? Maybe you just don’t want to deal with fixing up an older home and need it sold ASAP, as-is.

This is what I do:

Need to Sell Because:

  • Aging parents have passed on and you need to sell the property
  • You don’t have time or money for expensive updates and repairs
  • You’re tired of the maintenance and need a low-maintenance home or community
  • Medical issues have prevented you from either caring for the property or affording the upkeep
  • Older adults need help to quickly sell a property

Whatever the need, you need someone that understands your situation and has full-service experience in selling as-is homes for the most profit possible and in the quickest time frame.

I’ve spoken with hundreds of property owners that have talked with other agents about the requirements needed for selling. Replace this, update that, repair this, and all homeowners see is cash bleeding from their accounts. That’s exactly why I am in this business. IF you need to sell fast or are relocating because of aging parents, yourself, or you just need a property sold, Give me a call.

I carefully discuss your needs and the amount you need from the home. We work up a plan to assist you or your family in the best way possible so everyone is satisfied at the end of the transaction.

Sometimes, selling a loved one’s property can be an emotional thing, especially if the adult children were not prepared for it. When a family member passes away, the last stress you need is what to do with the property left behind. While you may not want to sell via probate and all the confusing issues that brings along, you also many not have the time or resources to prepare the house to compete with what’s on the market today.

And that’s okay!

Not every home needs to be perfectly staged and updated. There are so many types of buyers out there that finding the right buyer is simply a matter of running in the right circles. And because I help both buyers and sellers, I can connect these two parties over the right home.

So don’t stress or worry about selling a property – simply give me a call and let’s find out how you can relocate or sell a property stress-free. Call me for all Nashville area listing information.