6 Cleaning Products That Should Never Be Mixed

As some cleaning products have become popular with those that like to stockpile during the heightened virus concerns, it has been increasingly difficult for some to purchase certain products for cleaning and disinfecting their homes. As a result of cleaning product shortage, it has led many to purchase ingredients so that they can make their own effective cleaning and disinfecting products.

Before you mix up your own cleaners, it is important to know (and always remember) that some cleaning ingredients should NEVER be mixed together. Some ingredients can create toxic fumes that can be dangerous or even fatal or they can be toxic for the skin.

Here are 6 Cleaning Product Mixtures NEVER to Mix

Bleach and Vinegar

Both of these are widely known as effective at killing germs (though vinegar does not kill corona germs). On their own they can be very useful, but when mixed together they produce chlorine gas. Even at very low levels this can produce coughing, trouble breathing, watery eyes, and even burning of the respiratory system.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Have you ever helped with a science fair volcano? Then you probably know where this one is going. Again, both ingredients are helpful cleaning agents on their own. When mixed together the baking soda foams up and causes a crazy mess. What you really don’t want to do is mix these guys together in any sort of spray bottle or container and put it on the shelf, it can cause the bottle to explode.

Bleach and Ammonia

Both very strong cleaners, but both best left to do work separately from one another. Bleach and ammonia produce a toxic gas known as chloramine. These can bring on the same symptoms as bleach and vinegar or even stronger ones including shortness of breath and chest pain. In addition: commercial glass and window cleaners usually contain ammonia so NEVER mix them with bleach either.

Drain Cleaner and Another Drain Cleaner

Sometimes if a bottle of commercial drain cleaner doesn’t work for an at-home plumbing fix we might be tempted to use another different type of drain cleaner right after. Some may even want to mix two different drain cleaners together. If the first drain cleaner all by itself does not work, do not use any other cleaner in the drain. Drain cleaners could explode when mixed. Instead if the drain cleaner isn’t working seek the advice of a professional plumber.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar

Combing these two ingredients produces peracetic acid which irritates the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. It is okay to spray countertops with peroxide and wipe them down and then spray with vinegar and wipe it down, as some people like to do for optimal disinfecting, but the key is never to let the two ingredients touch.

Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol

Ever hear about a toxic chemical called chloroform? It is popularly written into stories and tv shows as an agent to knock victims unconscious. It actually doesn’t instantly cause someone to pass out, but it can be toxic to inhale. These two ingredients together produce chloroform.

To be safe it is a good rule just not to mix bleach with anything other than water.

If you are mixing up your own cleaning solutions at home, please stay safe and stick to trustworthy sites you can be sure are giving safe advice.

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