It’s been a wild and crazy week around here and we are deeply saddened by the deaths and devastation that the tornadoes this week have caused. While we are in the Midwest and tornadoes can be a part of our weather, it’s pretty rare for them to go directly through a major city like Nashville. However, tornadoes are still quite rare and although they touch down here or there on flat surfaces and planes, there are some things that we can do to be prepared before, during, and after a tornado. There’s no denying it, tornadoes happen in the Midwest and for those of us that have lived here our whole lives, we learn to adapt, deal, and rebuild after devastating storms. But, this should keep you from relocating to the Nashville area, especially if you’re doing so for work or have just had your heart set on the beautiful Nashville area. Keeping that in mind, here’s what to know about tornadoes when relocating to Nashville Tennessee.

The right house.

If you haven’t moved yet or you’re considering a move within the city, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the type of construction conducive to protecting your family during a tornado. Tornado proof homes can be built but they can be extremely expensive as well. But, there are some key things to look for when choosing a house in the Midwest.

  • Homes built into the earth either partially or wholly.
  • Dome homes designed of concrete.
  • Concrete exterior homes they can usually take up to 500 mile-per-hour winds.
  • Homes with basements completely underground.
  • Homes with underground sellers or storm shelters.
  • Homes that meet or exceed the 2912 international residential code that can withstand tornadoes over and EF -2
  • Homes with a safe room either concrete or steel-reinforced above the ground or below.

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Mortgage and Insurance

Ask about tornado damage with your homeowner’s insurance. You may need to purchase a second policy albeit not too much more expensive to cover any damage from storms or tornadoes.

Ask about the difficulty of obtaining a mortgage in a more tornado-prone area? While Tennessee is low on the list as the most frequented states for tornadoes, loan officers may be able to provide you with a different type of loan specifically designed for homes in the Midwest.

Ask your mortgage company if they will force you to pay off the mortgage after damage. Some mortgage services can withhold insurance checks to force homeowners to use the money to pay off their mortgage instead of rebuilding. While this is extremely unethical, it is something to be aware of and to check with your mortgage company and homeowners insurance.

The Community

Talk to neighbors in a community about the possibility of tornadoes, storm damage, and how they come together in times of crisis.

Most Midwest towns and communities will have tornado sirens so just like knowing where the exits are on a plane, nowhere your tornado siren is and what to do should it go off.

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Have a family plan.

The last thing we want to do is scare anyone. Tornadoes are extremely rare in Tennessee but they can happen so it’s important to have a plan of action with your entire family should something go wrong. Have a plan of where to meet. Have emergency backpacks or duffel bags in cars, garages, and bedrooms ready to go. Have a supply of water, food, and emergency first aid kits. Remember, it may not happen to you, but tornadoes are no respecter of persons and while your housemate completely go untouched, your neighbor’s house might have taken damage. They may need your help.

We don’t want you to be fearful about relocating to Nashville. This is a beautiful part of the country and we specialize in South Nashville real estate and homes around Antioch, Smyrna, and surrounding communities. Feel free to browse our website for more information and let’s come together and create a more tightknit community willing to support, uphold, and rebuild when necessary. Blessings and prayers to all impacted by this week’s tornado.

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