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What’s In a Name?

Right off, there’s the question of the spelling. Is it La Vergne or Lavergne? If you drive through La Vergne/Lavergne, you’ll see it both ways, even on public buildings. But there is no controversy. In 1987 the city made it official; it is La Vergne. So, where did that come from? La Vergne translates from French as “the alder,” as in the alder tree. So maybe La Vergne was named after a tree, but probably not. At least the French connection is right. How about Francois Lenard Gregoire de Roulhac de La Vergne?

According to the story of La Vergne’s founding, as told on the official La Vergne website, the earliest settlers arrived in late 1779 with the Robertson party that founded Nashville. Two experienced frontiersmen, brothers Samuel and John Buchanan, left the Robertson group in search of their fortunes and found suitable farmland about 20 miles southeast. Their settlement was called Buchananville. Unfortunately, Sam was killed in an Indian raid sometime between 1783 and 1788, so John was left to lead the community.

According to early records, a son or grandson of John Buchanan, John B. Buchanan was postmaster of Buchananville in 1837.

Francois Lenard Gregoire de Roulhac de La Vergne didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up. He was born in Limoges, France in 1767. As a young man, he went to the West Indies and managed a plantation for five years. He returned to France but soon left because the French revolution was not his thing. He was going back to the West Indies but French privateers made the ship reroute to America. Roulhac had a brother in Norfolk, Virginia so he went there and studied law, but never practiced. About this time he shortened his name to Francis Roulhac.

Then Francis studied medicine. And he met a girl, Margaret Gray, from North Carolina. Margaret had a sister whose husband was with Andrew Jackson’s militia and was killed in the Battle of New Orleans. In recognition of her loss, she received 100 acres in Rutherford County, Tennessee. She asked her sister and brother-in-law to go with her to check out her land.

Postmaster John B. Buchanan and Francis Roulhac became the closest of friends. When Francis Roulhac died in 1852, age 85, Buchanan changed the name of the post office to La Vergne. Why La Vergne and not Roulhac? We’ll never know.

Starting over…and over

La Vergne knows how to build, and rebuild. It was destroyed in December, 1862 during the Civil War. Records from that era say that not one building was left standing after the intense fighting. In November, 1900 two tornadoes destroyed the town.

Having been required to start over so many times, La Vergne had a hard time getting organized. But the water tasted awful. The wells provided foul-smelling and tasting sulfur water. A Utility District, the first formal governing body, was formed to find a better source of water. Finally, in 1972 La Vergne was incorporated, first under a Board of Commissioners. That changed to the current mayor and alderman government in 1988. La Vergne tied into the Metro Nashville sewer system and the pieces were in place for the growth that was about to spill over the county line from Nashville.

Growth started and hasn’t found a place to stop

In 1980 the U. S. Census counted 5,495 people in La Vergne. It grew 36.5% in the 1980’s to 7,499. Then, in the 1990’s, an explosion occurred. La Vergne grew 149.2% to 18,687. Even with the mortgage crisis and the Great Recession, it grew 74.4% to 32,588 in 2010. La Vergne had become a full-fledged bedroom community for Nashville. Growth has slowed, in large part because La Vergne cannot expand. It is locked in by Percy Priest Lake on the east side, Metro Nashville to the north, Smyrna to the south and Nolensville in Williamson County to the West. A special census was completed in 2018 and tallied the population of La Vergne at 34,423, a 6% increase since the 2010 census.

In 2015 the consumer advocacy group NerdWallet rated La Vergne the best place to raise a family in Rutherford County. Movoto rates Lavergne as Nashville’s most affordable suburb. Houses are a bit more expensive than some other suburbs but family incomes are also higher because of the abundance of employment opportunities. And that brings us to the next great thing about La Vergne.

La Vergne is open for business

Abundant and high-quality labor and a location near the center of the country has brought La Vergne several large employers.

  • Ingraham Content Group, books and multimedia
  • Bridgestone/Firestone, vehicle tires
  • Venture Express, trucking
  • Cardinal Health, a healthcare services and products company
  • Sinomax, high-density memory foam manufacturer
  • Quanta Computer, electronics service and repair and hundreds of smaller employers

If you’re looking to be just outside of Nashville yet less than an hour away from one of the states friendliest music cities, La Vergne may be exactly what you’re looking for. For more information on this classic Nashville community, feel free to call us anytime or simply view all available listings below. Call us anything to schedule a showing or for a free consultation on buying or selling in La Vergne. 615-310-2496 or 615-300-0501

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