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Sellers get top market value for their homes

Buyers purchase homes at the best values

We work with first time home buyers, local buyers and sellers, relocation clients who are unfamiliar with the area We have an inventory of new homes available, many with zero down loans.  We also have an inventory of re-sale homes available.  Sometimes, we have foreclosed homes available. We have lived and worked in Nashville and Brentwood TN and the surrounding counties, including Rutherford, Williamson, Wilson, Sumner and Cheatham Counties since the early 1970’s.

Welcome to South Nashville!Remax Nashville

Our specialty is helping folks relocate to and from the South Nashville area. While we can assist any buyer or seller, our niche is truly the seller. We help seniors looking to relocate and help them set up, stage, price, and sell their homes for top dollar. We know the market and can help you price your home correctly from the beginning. We work in the South Nashville communities of Woodbine, Antioch, Priest Lake, La Vergne, and Smyrna and would love to assist YOU with your real estate needs today. We have decades of experience under our belt, which is the real tell-tale sign of a great agent. Let our Relocate team help you RELOCATE  Today!

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How to Tell a Home Will Need Extensive Repairs

Choosing a new home, whether it's brand-new or just new to you can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Sometimes, it's so overwhelming that we overlook huge red flags. You may love the home so much that it doesn't matter what the home inspection report says,...

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Why Did That Home Sell Faster?

When listing property, clients always say things like, "why did that home sell so fast?" Or, "how do I get my home to sell for that much?" These are very common questions because if you're considering selling you've probably done a little bit of research on what...

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Why You Should Never Waive the Home Inspection

A home inspection is one of the most crucial parts of the home buying process. Waiving the inspection contingency on a home is being done more and more in very hot housing markets to give buyers an edge over other buyers making an offer on the same home....

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Should We Rent or Sell Our Vacant Home?

Are you on the fence about renting or selling a vacant home? There are pros and cons to each so it's important to understand all of the factors involved before making a wise decision. Renting might be a good option if you're prepared for the maintenance that comes...

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Real Estate and Home Buying Advice for Seniors

As much as we don't like it or as little as we feel it, we are all aging. And, we want to make the most of our time here with convenient devices and tips that help us live a more productive and vibrant life. Getting older and becoming a senior citizen is nothing to...

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Issues Young People Face When Buying a Home

Buying your first home is exciting and it should be. You are finally living the American dream but, if you're young or a millennial you may be facing some challenges. I want everyone to have a wonderful experience when they buy a home but being prepared really can put...

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What to Know About Downsizing

A lot of people downsize for many different reasons, perhaps your empty-nesters, looking for a little less space, or a change in family status. Whatever the reason for going from a large house to a small house, there are some key points to keep in mind. You want to...

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5 Major Benefits to Using a Buyer’s Agent

Many people new to the real estate industry have no idea that there are usually two agents involved in every transaction. There's the listing agent that originally listed the property and then the age of the brings the buyer, usually called the buyers agent. These...

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Seniors! Downsizing Can Be Easy with the Right Agent

Well, has it come to that time already? Maybe you just can't take care of the large property, landscape everything, and manage a big home. Is it getting harder to walk up and down stairs? Do you just not want to have to mow a couple of acres or even your front lawn...

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