Is it time for a change? Maybe a new house? Well, that means selling the old one and you know what that means? Staging and prep.5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Decluttering

It might be a drag to have to put away all the holiday things and start the staging process but don’t make these mistakes in the meantime. Staging does take some work but you want it to be effective as well. Don’t make these 5 mistakes when staging and decluttering your home for sale.

#1. Not preparing and having a plan.

Before tackling any staging or decluttering you want to have a plan in place. Take a notepad and write down the different tasks you want to accomplish in each room. How do you want that room to look? How much are you taking out of that room and what are you doing with all the additional “stuff”. Spending a few hours planning and preparing to stage and de-clutter your home can make the entire process much easier.

#2. Taking on too much at one time.

If you plan on listing your home at the end of the week you should’ve started staging and preparing a few weeks ago. Don’t try to take on too much as it seems almost impossible and it can become overwhelming. Don’t take on the entire house in one day but tackle one room at a time each day until the home shines, is de-cluttered, clean and well-staged.

#3. Letting your emotions get in the way.

Staging, preparing and listing a home can get very emotional. It can be hard to get rid of items that you’ve had for years, perhaps old memories or painting over your child’s growth chart on the wall. Remember that you will be making new memories in a new home to try to keep your emotions tucked away and not be insulted when your real estate agent reminds you to lovingly pack away your teacup collection.

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#4. Procrastinating and getting lazy on staging.

Once you have the entire house staged and everything looks great can be very easy to fall back into your old ways and let things get a little cluttered, dirty, or messy. Try to stay on top of little messes and not make any mass that cannot be cleaned up within 30 minutes.

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#5. Not actually getting rid of things.

So, you’ve put the donated items in one box, the garbage and another, and you’ve packed up the items that you want to keep yet you’ve left all of these items piled high in the garage. Don’t just stop at packing these things away but completely get them out of the house. If you have a lot of items that you are taking on to your next house, it might be beneficial to rent a storage space. Take the items to the Goodwill or thrift store and make a dump run with the items that you simply need to throw away. You will be surprised at how freeing this really feels.

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