One of the most dreaded things amongst homeowners that put in a new hardwood floor is getting a scratch.  Though scratches on any hardwood floor are inevitable, there are a few ways to be proactive to prevent scratches and have fewer of them end up on your floor.   Whether you are selling your home or just improving it, follow these tips to help prevent scratches on your hardwood floors. 

Keep Your Floors As Clean As Possible 

The biggest enemy of your hardwood floors is not what you think. If you had to guess what you think the biggest danger to your hardwood floor is you would probably say furniture or people walking and dragging things across the floors. The biggest enemy of your hardwood floors is actually dirt, and yes dirt is the most likely thing to cause a scratch on your floor because it acts like fine-grit sandpaper.  

Combat dirt grating on the floor with routine floor cleaning. Ideally, you should be sweeping or dust mopping every day. Depending on the foot traffic in your home, you can use a dry mop method once or twice a week, or a traditional mop and bucket once a month.  

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Remove Your Shoes at the Door 

The majority of dirt on the floors in your home comes from the bottom of shoes after they have been outside. Drastically reduce the dirt that comes in contact with all of the floors in your home, and prolong the life of all floor types, by having everyone take their shoes off at the door. Some great ways to remind people of this are cute door signs, a bin for shoes next to the door, a place to sit and put on or remove shoes near the door, and maybe even some slippers or flip flops to wear only in the house (this will help to keep natural foot oils off of your floors, an added floor care bonus when it comes to cleaning.) 

Get Some High-Quality Door Mats 

You can also prevent outside dirt from becoming inside dirt by having the right kind of mats on both sides of every exterior entrance door.  What are proper mats? You want mats on both sides of the door to be at least the same width as the door and long enough to take at least two or three steps in or out of the door while still being on the mat. The outside mat should be made of a bristle type material to get into the tread of shoes and the outside mat should be a softer material similar to the carpet to wipe any remaining dirt away.  

Avoid Spiky Shoes at All Times 

Shoes with sharp points on them are especially harsh on hardwood floors, these include stiletto high heels and cleats. Try to never walk across a hardwood floor in spiky shoes they will leave divots as well as scratches.  

Felt Pads are Hardwood’s Friend 

Put felt pads on the bottom of all furniture that is going to sit on your hardwood floor. Felt pads are especially important on chairs that will be moved across the floor often, like dining room chairs.  

Avoid Furniture on Wheels 

Rolling furniture can quickly damage a hardwood floor. If you have furniture, like say a chair, with wheels that you can’t bear to part with consider putting it on a rug or mat.  

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