What to Do Right After Christmas if You Want to Sell in January

Christmas is literally right around the corner and you are probably not thinking of selling your house this week, but if you’re planning on selling in the new year, now is actually a good time to be thinking about it. Chances are, you probably have a couple of days off around the Christmas season, kids are home, cookies are being made, and you’re simply enjoying being at home. But, as soon as December 26 hits, it’s like everybody forgets it was Christmas less than 12 hours earlier. People are immediately looking to the new year, commercials change, it seems overnight stores have nixed the Christmas decorations and were on to the next season.

But, if you’re planning on selling in the new year, you can also get a jump on staging and listing your property. Here are a few things to do right after Christmas if you want to sell your home in January.

#1. Start talking with some real estate agents in your area.

Our office specializes in the South Nashville area including the communities in and around Antioch, Priest Lake, Woodbine, Smyrna, and La Vergne. Because we know these areas very well we can help you price your home and let you know who’s actually buying in these communities. By understanding the local buyers you can help prepare, list, stage, and price your home for an immediate sale. Give us a call and let’s discuss some of your concerns you might have when selling and how much you might need out of the sale of the home.

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#2. When you pack up Christmas or holiday decorations, pack them up to move.

You probably will not spend another holiday in this house, so pack up everything carefully, and be ready to move. While you’re at it, pack up any other seasonal items you know you won’t need until next year or at least until you’re in your new house. This could be summer items, other holiday decorations, and clothes.

#3. Make a list of repairs.

Hanging around at home for Christmas vacation may give you a little bit more time to observe a lot of the small repairs that have been neglected over the years. Make a list and each day knockout one or two of them. By the time you list in January, all these details will be taking care of.

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Don’t worry so much on pricing your home at Christmas time. Things change after the first of the year. The important thing is to make sure your house is de-cluttered, cleaned, organized, and staged. With all of these items done it will naturally increase the price point on your property.

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