What Will $300,000 Buy You in South Nashville?

What Will $300,000 Buy You in South Nashville?

It seems like the $300,000 mark is one of the sweet spots for first-time homebuyers and even repeat buyers. So what can you get in South Nashville for around $300,000? Well, from townhouses and condominiums to a few single-family homes, there is quite a bit of option out there around this $300,000 mark. Let’s take a look.

For exactly $300,000 is a townhouse style condominium in the 12 S. area. This home features two bedrooms and two bathrooms with around 1200 ft.² built in 1973. Because it’s a townhouse you’re likely to add on home association fees which are about $210 making your estimated monthly cost for this home around $1700 per month.

For single-family homes, there’s a darling little three bedrooms 1500 square-foot home on Elgin Street priced at $295,000. It’s located in the popular Woodbine neighborhood with a detached storage shed and beautiful picturesque backyard. This home was built in 1934 and is a single family, ranch-style home with beautiful floors and lots of built-ins.

In downtown Nashville is a 2006 condominium featuring one bedroom and one bathroom and 650 ft.² priced at $319,000. You can easily see how quickly prices go up and square footage goes down the closer you get to downtown Nashville.

Most of these homes are single-story properties but there are a few new construction condos featuring 1100 ft.², two bedrooms and two bathrooms at the new alloy with homeowner association fees of $210 per month.What Will $300,000 Buy You in South Nashville?

Woodbine is really the primary community for homes around the $300,000 mark if you’re looking for a single-family home. There’s a 1400 square-foot three bedroom home for $299,900 on Hartford Drive just 6 miles to downtown Nashville and 7 miles to the airport. These homes were built around the 1950s and there are no homeowner association fees.

Down in the Hillbrook community are homes starting about $300,000 and these are trilevel or two-story colonial properties of up to 2800 ft.². These homes are easily accessible along Highway 255 to Interstate 24 and are close to great schools, parks, and amenities.

So there’s what’s going on in the South Nashville real estate market. If you’re looking for that sweet spot around $300,000 and you have some specific requirements as to the style, age, and size of the home give us a call. We’d love to give you a personalized list of homes that match your search criteria and price.

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